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Welcome to The Homestead at High Hill!

Enna, an 85% Gotland ewe lamb.

Enna, an 85% Gotland ewe lamb.

One 2017 ram lamb left, Gunnar for sale!! See photos and info on For Sale page.

All 2017 ewe lambs are currently spoken for but photos can be viewed on For Sale page.

Will be offering a two year old ewe, Tahra, for sale in August. Photos and info on For Sale page-SOLD.

2017 lambs.

About the Homestead at High Hill

The Homestead at High Hill is a small working sheep and fiber farm located in Chandlersville, Ohio. Here we raise a few Gotland sheep for meat and fiber, free range chickens for delicious eggs and meat, bees for honey and a garden for vegetables. The Homestead at High Hill is home to Dave and Michele Clawson, Gotland sheep, and a variety of other farm animals. We offer quality Gotland fleeces and breeding stock for sale.