For Sale

All 2017 lambs are SOLD! Check back in the spring for our available 2018 lambs, or call for info.

Thank you to all of our 2017 buyers from Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan. Good luck with your High Hill Gotlands in the future! 

2017 Gotland Ram Lamb 1701 Gunnar FOR SALE $500. SOLD


88% Ram, Twin born March 17, 2017. Sire-Otto, Dam-Tahra. Rover, The Dane and UK Winston in pedigree. Becoming very thick and square like his sire. Beautiful dark, fine, shiny, soft, curly fleece. Weighed 66 pounds at 84 days of age.


2017 Gotland Ewe Lamb 1705 Thora FOR SALE $400 SOLD

1705 Thora is an 89.6% twin Ewe lamb, born 3/22/2017. Sire-Otto, Dam-Lilly. Rover, The Dane and UK Winston in pedigree. Thora is a long bodied, stylish ewe with some thickness over her top. She has a beautiful shiny, extremely soft fleece. See photos above. Call (no texting) 740-674-4406 or email for more info. FOR SALE $400.

2017 Gotland Ram Lamb 1706 Thorn-SOLD


89.6% Ram lamb, born 3/22/2017. Sire- Otto, Dam- Lilly. Rover, The Dane, and UK Winston in pedigree. Growing into a nice stylish long-bodied, thick ram lamb. Lovely, dark fleece. Weighed 62 pounds at 79 days of age.




Tahra is an 81% two year old ewe, born April of 2015. She had twins (1701 and 1702) on March 17, 2017. Tahra is a long bodied, soft fleeced ewe. She is an excellent mother and has milked extremely well. Her lambs can be seen below. I will be offering Tahra for sale after her lambs are weaned in August for $500. If you would like to buy her as a bred ewe she could be bred to Otto this fall, she will be priced at $600 as a bred ewe.

Tahra’s twins 1701 Gunnar and 1702 Gunna shown below.

Photo taken 4/29/2017, 1701 Gunnar

Photo taken 6/2/2017, 1702 Gunna

1703 Greta, Not for sale.

1704 Ingra 6/2/2017, Not for sale.


Photo taken 4/29/17, 1705 Thora 

Thorn, 4/29/17, sold.


Thorn, 1706 photo on 6/2/2017

1706 Thorn  For Sale $500.


4/29/17 1707 Gilla, SOLD

1708 Hilla, NOT FOR SALE.


4/29/17  1710 Hans, SOLD


6/2/2017 1711 Helga, SOLD  


Gotland Fleeces

The Homestead at High Hill offers quality Gotland fleeces. Our fleeces are generally sold as raw, unwashed fleeces. I skirt our fleeces very diligently so wool will be of high quality with as little vegetable matter as possible. Please visit my etsy site listed below to view available fleeces. Available fleeces can be viewed and purchased by visiting my etsy site…, or by contacting me at 740-674-4406 or

Efa’s Fleece

Efa’s fleece is a very curly medium steel grey. Her fleece is very soft with lots of luster. Efa’s fleece weighs 3# with a 3 1/2 inch staple length. For Sale $65.

Kia’s Fleece

Kia is a 1 year old ewe. This is her 2nd fleece. Kia’s fleece is very dark almost black with a hint of chocolate throughout. Her fleece has nice curl and is soft and lustrous. Kia’s fleece weighs 1 and a 1/2 pounds with a 3 inch staple length. For Sale $40.